Start-up Support

The planning stages of your business requires a Business Plan. You created a road map of what your expectations are for your organization, how you’re going to get there and what your needs will be. When those needs include human capital – you need to consider many complicated factors such as:  will you hire employees, consultants or independent contractors to get the job done, how to keep and nurture that talent and all the applicable ramifications that are involved.

Proper Human Resource Management is the area of business that focuses on Human Capital.  The wrong people can destroy your customer base, your reputation, your money and sometimes, no matter how good your product of services are, can cause your business to fail. The right people in the right places can take your business to unimaginable heights. Finding them and retaining them is one aspect of what we do.

Taking a proactive position, having the ability to be reactive when needed, process driven and service oriented - HRPro Consulting Services is your strategic business partner

HRPro Consulting Services provides an easy to follow blueprint which includes all the various options you have and how each option effects your bottom line.

Planning Process – outlining the types of talent you need, various options to acquire, retain and develop that talent, expected costs and industry trend and comparisons

Action Plan – developing a series of procedures that need to be implemented to achieve your goals and the infrastructure that needs to be in position to support them.

Implementation Plan – Putting into place all the agreed upon and required elements and working the process of getting your organization off and running.