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Human Resources Management Like a Good Pair of Shoes

I have something on my mind I thought was important to share. Mostly because in my umpteenth conversation with other HR Consultants, business advisors and employment lawyers, we all agree - the pain many employers experience regarding employee issues is ignored until it becomes out of control. And even then, some of these ...

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The Society for Human Resource Management published the results of a study not too long ago that revealed that an average of 105% more profit was earned by companies that have a Senior HR professional in the executive suite than those that do not, in the same industry ...

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Employer as Hero

Many generations ago, and up until recently as the Baby Boomers were entering the workforce, employers were once looked upon by their workers with lifelong loyalty. People would get a job and stay until retirement. After all, most employers offered a livable wage, paid family healthcare and a pension that would take care ...

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