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Tick Tick Tick

I have spoken up about the importance of time tracking and good record keeping. I came accross this from a reliable resource and wanted to post it. These are not my words, but I don't think I could say it better myself ...

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You Can’t Get Good Help Nowadays

You’ve heard this lament before. Perhaps even said it before. I have often times had to recruit talent for my clients and have said it as well. It’s difficult to see other companies that have the best talent and accomplish great things in your industry. You probably asked yourself, how do they do it? It is ...

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People Who Need People (or Businesses that Need Employees)

It may be your company and for all intents and purposes, you can direct it the way you want. However…… did you hire people to help your company succeed or just to listen to you? Ask yourself this, do you think you know more about each particular function, IT, administrative functions, bookkeeping, accounting, contract law, employment...
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