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You Can’t Get Good Help Nowadays

You’ve heard this lament before. Perhaps even said it before. I have often times had to recruit talent for my clients and have said it as well. It’s difficult to see other companies that have the best talent and accomplish great things in your industry. You probably asked yourself, how do they do it? It is ...

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Paying Your People – Do What You Want, It’s Your Business

"What if we don't do what you say?" That's a question I hear often enough as a Human Resources Consultant. What's tough about my answer is there's a good chance that nothing will happen and there's also a good chance that the employer will decide they don't need my services. Although, like insurance, you are playing...
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President’s State of the Union Address

I am very happy about raising up the middle class and offering opportunities and leveling the playing field – all issues addressed in Obama’s state of the union address on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. However, as many of my clients are, as well as myself, small business owners, I can tell you there are a...
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