HR For Growing Businesses

When businesses start to show signs of growth, many business owners are faced with the realization that to succeed any further they need to bolster their infrastructure, limit their risks and be ready to seize the opportunity to expand. HRPro Consulting Services is the ideal strategic partner for this stage of your business’ development.  Taking a proactive position, having the ability to be reactive when needed, process driven and service oriented - HRPro Consulting Services is your strategic business partner.

HR DEPARTMENT SET- UP – many small organizations will start with the minimal amount of procedures in place to manage human capital and most HR functions are performed by various staff on an as needed basis. This works somewhat effectively well when you are a small startup business. Now the need and compliance requirements have expanded with the growth of your staff.  HRPro Consulting Services will consolidate all the HR functions, assure legal compliance, set up your procedures and an infrastructure to work with.

We can even provide a consultant to manage this department on an as needed basis eliminating the higher cost of recruiting, hiring and straining staff.

If you have a designated HR person, having our HRPro Help Line available to assist and reassure that all areas of fulfilment and best industry practices are supported.

HR AUDIT – focusing on what has already been accomplished to date in the HR area, determine compliance issues, provide a report of findings and suggested remediation to put all the necessary elements into place to handle additional staff, support forecasted growth, prepare for investor audits and limit risk liability . The HR Audit is also instrumental in improving your HR procedures.