Turnkey Oursourced HR

Sometimes you need the full might of an HR department, sometimes you don't.  The trick is paying for what you need and nothing more.  Outsourcing your HR to us will help keep your HR ducks in a row without having the burden of carrying an expensive HR overhead.  There's so much we can help you with, our services include:

  • HRPro Help Line – call or email our team of professionals whenever an question or an issue arises
  • Maintenance Contracts – provide the ongoing management of everyday HR tasks such as hiring and termination, records management, compliance management, interaction with employees, third party service providers and management of all HR responsibilities, including everything from OSHA to FLSA, employee manual enforcement, dedicated issue resolution and much more
  • Project support for all your existing HR practices – HRPro is called in to manage special projects and deal with sensitive issues or when your HR person needs additional support
  • Creating or updating custom Employee Handbooks and Policies & Procedures that protect your interests and provide guidance for you and your employees
  • Hiring Made Easy – determine the best solution to your hiring needs, temp to perm, third party or permanent hire, create and manage the posting of job ads, review resumes, prescreen applicants and set up interviews
  • Onboarding – walk through the hiring process, create offer letters, provide all required notices and forms, meet with new hires and assure orientation process runs as smoothly and comprehensibly as possible
  • Employee Reviews – post probationary period, annually or semiannually;  provide the forms, matrix and procedure for a fair practices performance review process, assisting management in all facets of this process
  • Payroll – analysis of best options, set up and ongoing processing of payroll
  • Employee Manual enforcement, handling and resolving employee complaints, disciplinary actions and follow-up
  • Analysis and creation of DOL compliant job descriptions and classifications
  • Leave of Absence administration, determine whether you are subject to the Family Medical Leave Act and other local and federal programs, we oversee all aspects of employee leaves as they should be handled
  • Terminations – proper handling of sensitive issues, separation agreements, proper documentation requirements, Pension, Profit Share and COBRA notices and administration, exit interviews
  • Management, sales and performance training and development
  • Time Keeping solutions appropriate to your company culture and keeping within compliance regulations
  • Background Checks -  reducing the risk of a bad hire
  • Benefits Analysis and Management
  • Employee Records Management
  • Harassment Training
  • HR Analysis compares your current HR practices against HR best-practices to see how you measure up

Management of all employment issues that can redirect your focus and cost you money.