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President’s State of the Union Address

I am very happy about raising up the middle class and offering opportunities and leveling the playing field – all issues addressed in Obama’s state of the union address on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. However, as many of my clients are, as well as myself, small business owners, I can tell you there are a...
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The Dept. of Labor Should Be Feared


Obama - what a help he has been for my business! Whether I agree or disagree with his politics really has nothing to do with how I feel he has helped my business grow! Last year with all the questions on the Affordable Care Act, insurers cancelling employer plans for not complying with the...

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Just an Old Fashioned HR Gal – Tales of a Consultant

Call me old fashioned. I am a seasoned Human Resources professional who has seen the typewriter with “strikeout” white out sheets, the wonder of the fax machine, the dawning of the word processing age take over the corporate world and relished in the delights of the internet, email and ...

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Human Resources Management Like a Good Pair of Shoes

I have something on my mind I thought was important to share. Mostly because in my umpteenth conversation with other HR Consultants, business advisors and employment lawyers, we all agree - the pain many employers experience regarding employee issues is ignored until it becomes out of control. And even then, some of these ...

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