You Need To Know

When someone wants to start a business, they will seek the advise of accountants and lawyers. They get all the necessary bases covered and can even get the payroll processed when hiring employees. Most business or contract law does not cover employment law and accountants don't know other new hire practices required by law. Many businesses with 4 or 5 employees fall under the radar of the Department of Labor, EEO, OSHA, Homeland Security, Immigration and Naturalization, Workers' comp, etc. - unless they are in a business sector that frequently hires immigrants, or in security, technology or they want to do business with municipalities. Sometimes these businesses go for years without an employee complaint and undetected noncompliance issues never seemed to surface. Although more businesses of all sizes are being looked into than ever before, many business owners never give these issues a second thought. Not even in the best incubators for small businesses address the employment issues.

It's like the traffic laws - you get stopped for a violation and the fact that you didn't know the law existed for that violation won't save you. But then again, you can look into an easy to follow booklet or website with all you need to know about traffic rules and regulations. There is even a test you have to pass to get your driver's license. Not so for doing business. A booklet outlining the employer rules and regulations doesn't exist and it's not a prerequisite for opening up a business or hiring employees. That's because you can't find all that information in one location.

There are a plethora of rules, regulations, acts and standards put out by various state and federal agencies and even local governments that need to be complied with. That's the purpose of a Human Resources professional. From planning and growth to downsizing and restructuring, you need to know what you need to know.

Tips: When hiring, you MUST if you do nothing else, read and follow the directions on the federal I-9 form and register your new hires with the state, have them complete federal and state withholding forms, make sure the position is properly classified and pay them time and a half if they work more than 40 hours each week and they are non-exempt. If you need help, you MUST call me, that's what I'm here for toll free 855-806-7557.